As Twentyfour Seven continues to expand our horizons in the world of fashion, we are excited to announce the launch…


As Twentyfour Seven continues to expand our horizons in the world of fashion, we are excited to announce the launch of Twentyfour Seven Plus, a new subsidiary dedicated to creating films, stills, and exclusive events for fashion and luxury brands. With established capabilities for fashion content, we are looking forward to offering the next level of curation and attention to detail for these clients. Executive Producers Oriol Rodriguez, João Rebelo, and James Stewart are at the helm of this exciting new endeavor — read on to learn more about Twentyfour Seven Plus.

Tell us about your roles at Twentyfour Seven Plus.

Oriol Rodriguez, Executive Producer: In the last few years, Twentyfour Seven has expanded into the fashion industry, and at this point I feel we have a strong base of knowledge and are in a great space to grow in this part of the industry. I had this idea to create Twentyfour Seven Plus, but I needed others with knowledge and experience to do so. I feel lucky that both João and James have decided to go on this adventure with me and try to grow this part of Twentyfour Seven into something more. 

James Stewart, Executive Producer: I’ve worked in production for fashion and beauty for the last 18 years and I'm excited to bring the expertise I've developed over the years to Twentyfour Seven Plus, mainly when it comes to attention to detail, knowledge of the ins and outs of the fashion industry, and the finesse to be able to work with luxury clients. Production for fashion projects are slightly different from advertising because the focus is equally on the photographer, the director, the stylist, and the models.

João Rebelo, Executive Producer: For the last 12 years, I’ve been working as a brand image director for a big company. I can't even count how many shoots I did during that time in different capacities, from campaigns to e-commerce to editorial, and from that I’ve gained an understanding of the process. I know that makes good production for luxury, upscale clients, because I was the client for many years. The idea is that Twentyfour Seven Plus will be able to provide curated, refined, and straightforward production to these specific clients. 

What are Twentyfour Seven’s existing strengths when it comes to the world of fashion and luxury brands?

Oriol: We’re bringing all the same strength and capabilities that exist with all of Twentyfour Seven’s world-class production, including our commitment to quality and our wide network of professionals. What is added here is a more specialized crew on the production, who have knowledge of the fashion industry and who can keep an eye on the details specific to this industry. 

João: With this type of client, you need to curate your production in a very detailed way and provide exclusive attention. We’re of course going to take advantage of the pre-existing network and facilities that Twentyfour Seven has built — this is just going to be an add-on to the company’s capabilities, with more specialized services. When it comes to luxury projects, the way we work is different. You need to be aware of even the smallest details that you never think of in another type of commercial. Attention to detail is absolutely essential, and we’re always refining that skill and tailoring our services to better meet the needs of our clients. 

James: We have a lot of clients who are in that niche of fashion and beauty, and because it's a very demanding sector, they need their own customized services to be able to work with them. Twentyfour Seven has offices throughout the world, which is appealing for clients who want to work with someone who has a wide reach, but they don't want to work with a company that has no soul. It's a good balance of being able to offer those specialized services as Twentyfour Seven Plus, but also allowing access to our wider network of creative professionals.

What do you hope to accomplish as a new subsidiary in 2024?

João: I hope that we can create our own language and be recognized for that as well. We’re aiming to create our own identity known for great production and for great service: the place where people feel that they are in good hands and have the certainty of a job well done.

Oriol: Exactly. We’re creating a signature when it comes to quality of service in the fashion world.

James: I'm a slow and steady type of person, so I like to build something with a strong foundation. I think we’re poised to build a really strong foundation with Twentyfour Seven Plus, by building upon existing relationships with clients and perfecting our services. I’d also love to be able to promote diversity in the industry through community outreach or mentoring in an effort to get more people from different backgrounds into the production field. That’s a dream for me. 

Do you have any dream projects that you hope to work on in the future?

Oriol: Something that’s exciting for me that I am looking forward to getting involved in is events — that’s a really interesting new area for me as a producer.

João: A lot of things in this business happen through energies and synergies  — right now the ball is already rolling, but we want to have a slow and intentional start. We’re expecting the unexpected, but exploring opportunities, seeing what's out there, and creating solid connections. From there, I think things will happen organically and will evolve from production, from a fashion campaign to a fashion show or a fashion event. It's just a natural evolution of this type of production.